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Aspen Jura



As it grows and then flows down to the Sea

Majestically rising

Blown by the wind

Over fertile land once more

ready to fall,

take root,



Aspen is the tree that fills me with hope and wonder. Which tree do you connect with?  As a pioneer species, Aspen can grow in the harshest of places. It is a favourite tasty and nutritious snack for all grazers. It whispers in the wind and calms all troubled minds that take the time to rest beside it. Discovering Aspen in my 30s, its no surprise that its a late bloomer both in leaf and flower, sometimes waiting 20 years or so to pollenate naturally. And so it suckers as well. It loves the remoteness of rocky climbs, being the only place left it can grow without persecution or predation from over grazing and use. On a practical level, it makes a wonderfully light, strong and buoyant paddle or oar!

Like the sparkle of morning dew

there are diamonds in its bark!

Traditional skills workshops, Community projects, repairs and restorations, new builds, taking a historical and therefore natural way of life and giving it a modern twist, relevant to todays expectations.


Boatbuilding, Timber Framing and Coppice crafts are the core skills we can hone and services we can provide. Natural campers and Tiny spaces will be dabbled with along the way. Any project that encourages working with nature, using locally sourced and natural products as sustainable small scale solutions, we would welcome.

Leaving a place better than we find it. Rejuvenating a tool after we have used it. Understanding that maintaining is a part and way of life. Longevity of product might be economical suicide but what price is that when health of mind is intact? Forest bathing is free after all, along with wild cold water swimming, both becoming prescribed by our health professionals more and more as the NHS, FLS and SW are respectively and ironically depleted with providing free healthcare, acess to healthy woodland habitats and polution free waterways less and less . Our shifting tidelines need to refresh with health at the top and economics at the bottom of the priority tree. It will be a tough yet rewarding climb. Every stunning viewpoint is.

Just as the timber framers of old planted a forest next to their work, providing wood for repairs and replacement when the time came, we aim to plant more trees than we use. If maintained well, wooden products will last as long as it took the material to grow, sometimes longer. Also, well lets just mention it shall we, planting trees this way allows our business to be oxygen positive. Whats carbon negative when we can build the next gen of OxyPosi!  We do however need two methods of planting to consider... 1) timber for production and 2) bio diverse woodlands for wildlife. We have our own ways, you are helping by being a part of our journey. However, please do contact us if you are aware of any other worthy OxyPosi schemes that we could support.

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